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Personal Profile

Name :

Dr. Prosanta Hazarika

Division :

Bio-Prospecting and Indigenous Knowledge Division

Designation :

Senior Technical Officer

Qualification :

M.Sc, Phd

Specialization :

Research Experiance :

Publications :


International (No.) :

10 research papers in peer reviewed journals

National (No.) :

10 research papers in peer reviewed journals

Books (No.) :

3 Nos

Book Chapters (No.) :

12 Nos

Paper Presented in symposia and conferences (No.) :

22 Nos

Projects :

Pr Id SL. No. Title Status
271Exploration of adhesive materials for incense sticks from the plant species of north east India. RFRI/2014-15/BIK-5 On going
282Evaluation of forest fruits for the nutritional value and develop value added products for economic enhancement of the local people. RFRI/2014-15/BIK-6 On going
293Standardization of nursery techniques of selected wild fruit plants of North East India for their effective conservation and development of value added products for inclusive growth. Project No. RFRI/2015-16/BIK-1..Funding Agency ICFRE On going
304Screening tropical evergreen forest for VAM association...Funding Agency ICFRECompleted
315Standardization of nursery technique for selected bamboo species of North east India...Funding Agency World bank FREEPCompleted
326"Conservation of productive land and promising flora of Majuli Island in Bramhaputra river"... Project No.RFRI/EP/05... Funding Agency GBPIHCompleted
337Control of Soil and River Bank Erosion in Majuli through Bamboo Based Vegetative Embankment...Project No.ICFRE/RFRI/EP/TIFAC...Funding Agency TIFACCompleted
348"Capacity building of village level committee for efficient forest resource management through JFM"...Funding Agency ICFRECompleted
359Studied on yield and quality traits of fragrant products from tropical aromatic plants ...Funding Agency ICFRECompleted
3610Validation, testing and locational trial of micro/macro propagated planting stock of selected bamboo species in Northeast India...Project No. RFRI/EP/08... Funding Agency.DBTCompleted
3711Investigation on propagation and cultivation of selected Rattan species... Project No.RFRI/EE/10...Funding AgencyICFRE Completed
3812Exploration of selected plants of Northeast region for natural dyesCompleted

Major Publications :

Pub Id SL. No. Title
1221Arbuscular Mycorrhizal Fungi and Soil Amendments in Restoration and Revegetation of Coalmine Overburden Dumps of Margherita Coalbelt, Assam, Ecology, Environment & Conservation 10 (4): 431-442...Hazarika, P., N.C. Talukdar and Y.P.Singh (2004)
1232 Natural colonization of plant species on coal mine spoils at Tikak Colliery, Assam Tropical Ecology 47(1) : 37-46...Hazarika , P., N.C. Talukdar and Y.P. Singh (2006)
1243Effect of application of beneficial microorganisms, lime, organic amendments and top soil on growth of Crotolaria striata D C in coalmine overburden dump spoils. Asian Jr. of Microbiol. Biotech. Env. Sc. Vol. 12, No. (3): 495-504...Hazarika, P., N.C. Talukdar and Y.P.Singh (2010)
1254Arbuscular mycorrhizal association in naturally invading plant species in overburden dumps and adjacent natural forest sites of Tikak Colliery, Margherita, Assam, India Eco. Env. & Cons. 16 (1): 13-24...P. Hazarika, N.C. Talukdar and Y.P. Singh (2010)
1265 Performance of Native Arbuscular Mycorrhizal Plant Species and Soil Amendments in Revegatation of Coalmine Overburden Global Journal of Environmental Research 4(3): 192-198...P. Hazarika, N.C. Talukdar and Y.P. Singh (2010)
1276Traditional phyto-remedies for worm infestations of two important tribal communities of Assam, India. Asian Journal of Traditional Medicines, 5 (1):32-39...P. Hazarika and B.K. Pandey (2010)
1287Impact of Harvesting Cycle, Maturity Stage, Drying and Storage on Essential Oil Content of Patchouli Leaves Grown in Northeast Region of India. Journal of essential oil-bearing plants JEOP (Impact Factor: 0.19). 02/2015; 17(6):1389-1396...Y.C. Tripathi and P. Hazarika (2015)
1298 Jiba Boichitrya aru Utttar Pub Bharat (Biodiversity and North East India) ( in Assamese) 424p ISBN 978-81-924270-8-9; published by Sabda Prakash, Thana Road, Jorhat-785001, Assam ...P. Hazarika (2012)

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