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Dr. Gaurav Mishra

Division :

Silviculture and Forest Management Division

Designation :


Qualification :

M.Sc, Phd

Specialization :

Research Experiance :

Publications :


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Projects :

Pr Id SL. No. Title Status
111. Studies on soil profile attributes under Forest and Jhum land areas of some selected sites of Nagaland state.
222. Studies on changes in Soil Quality and Carbon Buildup under different land use systems in Nagaland.
333. Adaptation and Mitigation Measures in Relation to Shortening of Jhum Cycle vis-à-vis Soil Nutrient Status and Productivity in different Traditional Systems of Nagaland" (Co-PI).

Major Publications :

Pub Id SL. No. Title
11 In vitro interaction between fungicides and beneficial plant growth promoting Rhizobacteria. African Journal of Agricultural Research, 8(45): 5630-5633.Gaurav Mishra, Narendra Kumar, Krishna Giri and Shailesh Pandey, 2013.
32 Six unrecorded species of Russula (Russulales) from Nagaland, India and their nutrient composition. International journal of Nusentara, Bioscience, Indonesia, 6(1): 33-38.Rajesh Kumar, Ashwani Tapwal, Shailesh Pandey, Raja Rishi, Gaurav Mishra and Krishna Giri (2014).
43 Effect of fungicides and bioagents on number of microorganisms in soil and yield of soybean (Glycine max). International journal of Nusentara, Bioscience, Indonesia, 6(1): 45-48.Gaurav Mishra, Narendra Kumar, Krishna Giri, Shailesh Pandey and Rajesh Kumar (2014).
54 Bamboo potential resource for eco-restoration of degraded lands. International Journal of Biology and Earth Sciences 4(2):B130-B136.Gaurav Mishra, Krishna Giri, Shalish Panday, Rajesh Kumar and N. S. Bisht (2014).
65Ethnomycological Knowledge on Wild Mushrooms by tribes of Mokokchung, Nagaland, North East India. The Journal of Ethnobiology and Traditional Medicine. Photon 122: 890-899.6. Rajesh Kumar, Shailesh Pandey, Ashwani Tapwal, R Raja Rishi, Krishna Giri and Gaurav Mishra (2014).
76Ecological degradation in Northeastern coal fields: Margherita Assam. International Journal of Science, Environment and Technology, 3 (3): 881 - 884. Krishna Giri, Gaurav Mishra, Shailesh Pandey, P.K. Verma, Rajesh Kumar and N.S. Bisht (2014).
87Effect of fungicides on nutrient uptake and yield of soybean (Glycine max l. Merill). Bioinfolet, 11(2C): 594-596.7. Gaurav Mishra, Narendra Kumar, Krishna Giri and Shailesh Pandey.
98First report of Curvularia malucans causing severe leaf necrosis of Curculigo orchoides in India. International Journal of Biology and Earth Science, 4(2):B176-B178. Shalish Panday, Rajesh Kumar, R Raja Rishi, Krishna Giri and Gaurav Mishra (2014).
109Differential Response of Cowpea (Vigna unguiculata L.) Genotypes to Native Rhizobia in Tarai Region of Uttarakhand, India. Notulae Scientia Biologicae, 6(3):335-337. Sonam Binjola, Narendra Kumar and Gaurav Mishra (2014).
1110Micro- and macrofungal diversity in Langol herbal garden, Manipur, India. Current Life Sciences 1 (1): 24-34. Rajesh Kumar, N. S. Bisht, Gaurav Mishra, Kashmiri Kalita and Rathindra Bezbaroa (2015).
1211Isolation and biochemical characterization of Rhizobium strains from nodules of lentil and pea in Tarai agro-ecosystem, Pantnagar, India. Nusantara Bioscience 7, (2) 73-76. Sandeep Prakash Upadhayay, Navneet Pareek and Gaurav Mishra (2015).
1312Biodegradation of Isoproturon by Bacillus pumilus K1 Isolated from Foothill Agroecosystem of North West Himalaya. Proc. Natl. Acad. Sci., India, Sect. B Biol. Sci. Krishna Giri, Deep Chandra Suyal, Gaurav Mishra, Shailesh Pandey, Rajesh Kumar, Dinesh Kumar Meena and J. P. N. Rai. (2015).

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