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Projects :

Pr Id SL. No. Title Status
171Exploration of Adhesive materials for incense sticks from the plant species.. Project No.RFRI/2014-16/BI-5 .. Period: 2014-16 (2 years). Budget: Rs. 7.28 Lakhs. Funding agency: ICFRE Ongoing
182Evaluation of forest fruits for the nutritional value and development of value added products for economic enhancement of the local people. Project No. RFRI/2014-16/BI-5.. Period: 2014-16 (2 years).. Budget: Rs. 7.16 Lakhs Funding agency: ICFRE Ongoing
193Evaluation, modification and value addition of starches of Forest origin.. Project No. 083 / TFRI / 2005 / NWFP-2 (13). Period 2005-2006 ( 2 years)..Budget.:Rs. 9.00 lakhs..Funding agency : ICFRE Completed
204Standardization of sustainable harvesting practices of Bhui-aonla (Phyllanthus amarus), Sal-parni (Desmodium gangeticum) and Baichandi (Dioscorea hispida).. Budget Rs. 3.75 lakhs Funding agency: Chhattisgarh forest Department. Completed

Major Publications :

Pub Id SL. No. Title
1141A Case Study on People's Choice Conservation of Biodiversity in Homestea of Assam, India. Paper published in International Research Journal of Biological Sciences, Vol. 3(1), 1-6, January (2014)
1152 Chemical Constituents of Amomum subulatum Roxb. Manjari, Nov. 2014, Volume 1, Issue II.(A Monthly Newsletter of NTFP Centre of Excellence, Tripura)...Dr. S.C. Biswas 2014.

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