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Personal Profile

Name :

Dr.(Smti.) Papori Borpujari

Division :

Bio-Technology and Genetics Division

Designation :

Assistant Chief Technical Officer

Qualification :

M.Sc, Phd

Specialization :

Research Experiance :

Publications :


International (No.) :

03 (Abstract published), 03 (full length published)

National (No.) :


Books (No.) :


Book Chapters (No.) :


Paper Presented in symposia and conferences (No.) :

05 (International), 05 (National)

Projects :

*Data Not Available

Major Publications :

Pub Id SL. No. Title
1111Albino seedling in Dipterocarpus retusus : A new record. The Indian Forester, vol. 129(4) pp 541-542...Ajay Thakur, Papori Sharma, S.Das and A.N. Singh (2003)
1122Early flowering and seed setting in Dipterocarpus retusus: a new report. The Indian Forester, vol. 129(3) pp 421-422...Ajay Thakur, Papori Sharma, S. Das and B.P. Borkakoty (2003)
1133Rooting of shoot cuttings of Dipterocarpus retusus syn D. macrocarpus, The Indian Forester, vol. 133, (12) pp 1643-1647...Ajay Thakur and Papori Sharma (2007)

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