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Smti. Ellora D. Borah

Division :

Silviculture and Forest Management Division

Designation :

Assistant Chief Technical Officer

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Research Experiance :

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Projects :

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Major Publications :

Pub Id SL. No. Title
421" Allelopathic effect of leaf extracts of Acacia auriculiformis on seed germination of agricultural crops." Annals of Forestry, Vol.-7, No.-1 June , 1999. I.P.Borah, J. Singh, R. Borthakur and E. Borah (1999)
432"Cultivation of sympodial bamboos scientific techniques and practices." Paper presented in the Training Programme sponsored by NAEB NEHU, organized by RFRI, 23rd to 25th Sept. 2003. S.Pattanaik, E.D.Borah, H. Kaur, & K. Borah ( 2003).
443"Vegetative multiplication of Bambusa balcooa Roxb. using branch cuttings." Journal of Bamboo and Rattan 3(4) pg-365-374. S.Pattanaik, P. Das, E.D.Borah, H. Kaur, K. Borah ( 2004)
454" Scientific clump management for sustainable shoot production in Dendrocalamus hamiltonii." Paper presented in the VIIth World Bamboo Congress 27th Feb.-4th March 2004, New Delhi. S.Pattanaik, E.D.Borah , K. Borah , A. Kharsini-ing ( 2004)
465"Utilization of aspects of bamboo and its market value." The Indian Forester, March, 2008 Vol.-134 No.-3 Pg.-423-427. E.D.Borah, K.C.Pathak, B. Deka, D. Neog , K. Borah (2008).
476" Genetic conservation and improvement work of bamboo in northeast India." The Indian Forester, Sept., 2008 Vol.-134 No.-9 . K.C.Pathak, D.K.Benarjee, B. Deka, E.D.Borah, D. Neog , K. Borah (2008)

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