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Personal Profile

Name :

Md Ibrahim

Division :

Bio-Technology and Genetics Division

Designation :

Scientist-C, Head

Qualification :


Specialization :

Research Experiance :

Publications :


International (No.) :

National (No.) :

Books (No.) :

Book Chapters (No.) :

Paper Presented in symposia and conferences (No.) :


Projects :

Pr Id SL. No. Title Status
51Study on seed source variation for germination and seedling growth and establishment of Seedling Seed Orchard of Michelia champaca.
62Identification of suitable clones of populous species for North East India through genetic evaluation.
73Bamboo genetic evaluation, improvement and propagation
84All India Coordinated project for genetic improvement of Melia compositaOngoing
95Screening of Gmelina arborea clones for productivity and stability
106In vitro propagation of Vanda coeruleOngoing project

Major Publications :

*Data Not Available

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