वर्षा वन अनुसंधान संस्थान, जोरहाट, असम(भारत)
Rain Forest Research Institute, Jorhat

Forthcoming Events

1 Training of Students from IIFM Bhopal 18-20 December, 2019 RFRI, Jorhat
2 Celebration of Republic Day 26 January, 2020 RFRI, Jorhat
3 Celebration of National Science Day 28 February, 2020 RFRI, Jorhat
4 Celebration of International Day of Forests 21 March, 2020 RFRI, Jorhat
5 Programmes under PRAKRITI, Student-Scientist Connect Programme at KVs and JNVs of NER Not decided Not decided
6 Green Skill Development Programme on Bamboo Not decided Not decided
7 Weeklong Training on Bamboo December, 2019 RFRI, Jorhat
8 Institute Monthly Seminar Every Month RFRI, Jorhat